About Me


I was first introduced to the world of journalism through photography.  I worked as a photography intern for the Richmond Times Dispatch as a senior in high school and immediately fell in love with the fast-paced, exciting environment of a newsroom. Today, I work at the WGBH newsroom in Boston helping report, write and produce radio stories about higher education.

Between then and now, I have worked as a photographer, reporter, news editor, radio producer, ESL instructor, camp counselor and professional cow-milker.

For me, all elements of storytelling — photographs, language and sound — merge together to perform one critical thing: inspire an empathy and knowledge that is sparked when people connect. In this sense, journalism provides an important public service, making journalists important public servants.

Beyond the ordinary, I am an avid outdoors-woman, rock climber, traveler and love working with kids.

Contact me at mallorynoepayne@mac.com

Twitter @MalloryNoePayne

Travel blog www.mnoepayne.tumblr.com

Visit me on LinkedIn 


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